4 Immediate Benefits of Virtual Primavera Training

Offering multiple ways of learning is becoming increasingly more common as technology claims a bigger role in our day to day lives. Gone are the days of having to attend a classroom based course at a learning facility in order to earn a degree or additional continuing education credits. From a learners perspective, having additional options is not only more convenient, but also a great opportunity to save time and money on Primavera Training.

Over the past three years we’ve observed an increasing number of companies in the primary industries that use Primavera P6 (Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Engineering & Construction) expand their training offerings to include web based learning environments like live instructor led virtual primavera training and pre-recorded on-demand primavera courses.

In our fast paced and connected world the benefits of online learning are more relevant than any time before. Here are four immediate benefits that come to mind.

1 – Learn at Your Own Pace

Sometimes it’s great to be in a classroom environment. But one of the drawbacks of learning with the rest of the class is just that; you are learning with the rest of the class, at the pace set by the course instructor! This can be a time waster if you already know certain topics taught in the course.

Online training lets you skip ahead and direct your own learning path. That way you learn what YOU need to know, without waiting on the rest of the class to catch up.

Every great course will be structured so that the progression of topics build upon each other. But an awesome online training course will allow you to sift through the material and explore the topics that are most relevant to you. This way you can focus on the training that you need to know about RIGHT NOW.

2 – Learn Around the Clock

The majority of primavera training classes are taught over a 3 day period. That’s a lot of information to learn, retain and master in just 3 days! Let’s be realistic… mastery will come with continual application of the information obtained in the course.

The classroom based course will aim to teach you the entire project management lifecycle in Primavera over 3 days. With the amount of information being taught in such a short period of time, you are more likely to forget a lot of what was covered because of data overload.

On the flip side, with virtual Primavera P6 training you are able to come back to the course material as much as you need to review what you have learned or take a quick refresher lesson.

3 – Cut Training Cost by more than 50% in some cases

The enrollment cost for instructor led primavera training courses can range from $960 to $2500 or higher. Their online version may be significantly less, starting at $597. When you take into consideration the cost of travel, a hotel stay, plus meals … you are easily looking at an additional $300 – $500 dollars or more in addition to the course registration fee.

By enrolling in an online alternative you immediately save money. In some cases, possibly thousands of dollars. Not to mention time! For those folks that like the engagement afforded in a classroom environment, some online classes include an online support forum where students can exchange ideas and seek help from one another and course instructors.

4 – Training on-demand

This by far is one of the most exciting and coolest benefits of virtual online primavera training. You sign-up online and are able to access the course material within minutes. Say good-bye to waiting weeks for the next scheduled course to begin. Get started right away and learn when it’s convenient for you.


Just a few years ago there were not so many options available when it came to learning Primavera P6. With the advent of online training environments, getting the knowledge and skills necessary to use one of the most robust project management software programs developed is now more convenient and less expensive. There is nothing wrong with classroom based training. In fact, some people learn better that way while others simply prefer it.
But the benefits of learning primavera p6 virtually can’t be denied. With new technology like the iPad being introduced every year, it only makes sense for more and more companies to embrace elearning in the Project Controls world.