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MSS Inc. offers Oracle Primavera training courses in video format. The Fundamentals of Project Management in P6 Release 7 video course covers basic project management techniques in P6. The video course will lead the user through the set up of a project from the beginning to end. Users will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. Scheduling techniques will be covered.

P6 Online Video Course Description

The Fundamentals of Project Management video course will focus on the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resource and costs. The course consists of 74 video lessons covering techniques that assists Primavera P6 users in creating a project from start to finish. Lessons are taught by Specialized Primavera P6 Master consultant and trainer Mary Williams.


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Topics Covered

At the completion of this video course the user will be able to:primavera-p6-training computer

• Add a Project to the Project Structure
• Create a Work Breakdown Structure
• Add Reference Documents
• Add Activities
• Add Steps and Codes to Activities
• Create Relationships
• Schedule a Project
• Add Constraints
• Organize Activities
• Assign Resources and Costs
• Analyze Resource/Cost Usage
• Optimize the Schedule
• Status the Project
• Analyze the Updated Project


Course Benefits

Many project management professionals are located in places where they cannot get quality P6 training. The tutorial video course allows users to learn how to manage projects in P6 from their own computers!The days of spending money on travel expenses to attend a training class are over. 

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Primavera users who have no training
  • Users outside of the United States that need P6 training
  • Users who cannot afford travel expenses associalted with attending a class
  • Users that need a course refresher
  • Users that do not have time to attend a class and want to learn in their own time


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