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Cost Estimating is is one of the most important processes in a project intensive organization. Everything, from business survival to rapid expansion and increased profitability depend on the way a company prepares their estimates.

Nomitech CostOS™ Estimating has been specifically designed to become the everyday tool of the Cost Estimator. It is our philosophy that estimators should be able to easily spend a substantial time of their working hours over our systems and being effective and accurate.

Nomitech offers solutions for estimators that need to price small projects on a stand alone PC. It will also offer Estimators the abaility to work on parts of a huge projects while being connected to the internet and share information with other Enterprise estimators in different countries. The three different versions of our product CostOS Estimating StandardProfessional and Enterprise Edition can fulfill all Cost Estimating needs.

CostOS™ Estimating Standard Edition

CostOS Estimating Standard Edition is the best solution for small construction companies and contractors. With CostOS Standard you can easily build a database with all the cost data needed to rapidly price your projects.

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CostOS™ Estimating Professional Edition

CostOS Estimating Professional is the ideal solution for medium or big construction companies and corporations. CostOS Pro’s powerful database and friendly Graphical User Interface will “boost” your cost estimating department’s productivity and increase your chances of winning more profitable projects.

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CostOS™ BIM Estimating Edition

CostOS™ BIM Estimating enhances the way estimators perform Cost Estimating today. Estimators will be able to work directly on the 3D model and accelerate by 60% the whole estimating process.

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CostOS™ Estimating Enterprise Edition

CostOS™ Enterprise Edition is designed for construction companies that have more than five cost engineers and want to increase their efficiency through team work. The software allows cost engineers to have real time access to the cost data of the central database, depending on their respective assigned roles.

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CostOS™ Estimating for Quantity Surveying

While working with your Estimate in CostOS, users can connect to the On Screen Takeoff to calculate quantities from PDF or DWG Drawings. This integration feature allows you to increase your estimating speed by 50% and avoid making costly mistakes.

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Nomitech Online Data of Cost™ & Commercial Databases

Nomitech is the first company to offer online cost databases, via web services. This feature will allow you to connect with our server, perform searches and use up-to-date cost data.

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