CostOS Professional

This version of CostOS includes all of the CostOS Standalone modules.

CostOS Standard

CostOS with BIM Module

CostOS with GIS Module

This module enables the quantity takeoffs on maps. This feature is ideal for beginning phase conceptual definition of projects in addition to infrastructure projects, pipelines, highways etc.

CostOS with Assemblies Development Module

The core of CostOS contains Assemblies.  They allow you to accelerate the production of estimates and value engineering options.




  • Intelligent dynamic assemblies
  • New powerful mathematical language
  • Familiar excel functionality
  • Covers all classes of estimates 1 – 5



  • Develop cost models easily
  • Collect historical data
  • Streamline quotes
  • Create trends and make predictions
  • Familiar excel functionality
  • Create your own custom columns
  • Modify assemblies; evaluate
  • Optimize your engineering