Cost Models and Databases

Nomitech is the first company to offer online cost databases, via web services. Now, through CostOS™ you can connect with our server and depending on the Cost Databases you are subscribed to, perform searches and use up to date cost data.

Several knowledgebases and commercial databases are accessible from within the CostOS platform. You can subscribe to one, multiple or all of them. If you subscribe to more than one database or knowledgebase you can search once and get the results from all those you are subscribed to. This unique capability of CostOS gives you a wider selection plus the ability to compare prices.

A Knowledgebase or a Database – What’s the Difference?

A Knowledgebase provides knowhow, and with your input can generate multiple items. There are two knowledgebases available within CostOS: the NoDoC Knowledgebase and the RSMeans Assemblies.
The NoDoC Knowledgebase contains advanced algorithms and can size projects or parts of projects. Nodoc is only available through the CostOS platform. The RSMeans assemblies are well known and well respected within the industry. Reference to the RSMeans books, in addition to location factors of the Means database, are built within these assemblies.


The NoDoC Knowledgebase sits at the very heart of CostOS available knowledge offerings. It was engineered by Dione Oil Company, with more than 20 years of experience in the oil and gas field, the NoDoC Knowledgebase covers both offshore and onshore oil and gas projects.

NODOC Offshore:

Nodoc includes several oil offshore projects cost data, including sub-sea pipelines, cabling , jackets and platforms, drilling jack ups etc. The latest project estimated by NODOC, is a 280 km of 30 inch pipeline in the Persian gulf.

NODOC Onshore:

The NODOC Knowledgebase is conceptual. It provides cost rather than prices. The unique aspect about the Onshore Models and Assemblies is that the Estimator can define the required Estimate class, and accordingly answer an interactive set of questions to produce the estimate with the respective accuracy.

Richardson or Cost Data On Line Process Plant Database

With many years of experience, the Richardson Database is probably the most well known database used for estimating Oil & Gas and Energy projects. The Richardson database is based on market research and is applicable for Class 3 to Class 4 estimates. CostOS is the first software solution to provide the Richardson data in such a detailed level, which includes both the resources and required man-hours. Instead of simply providing line items, CostOS allows the user to use the resource entries of the database (equipment, material, subcontractor and labour rates), to create their own amended line items or even build their own assemblies over the database. The installation man-hours are also provided and with simple drag and drop techniques, the estimator can generate his/her equipment list and produce the aggregated man-hours for installation, at a glance. The associated links to the appropriate pages of are also provided within the data. Add this to the automatic exchange rate updating and the location factors features of CostOS, makes the Database applicable internationally.

BCIS: The RICS Building Cost Information Service

The leading provider of cost information to the construction industry and anyone else who needs comprehensive, accurate and independent data.

For the past 50 years, BCIS has been collecting, collating, analysing, modelling and interpreting cost information. This industry standard information is now available through Nomitech CostOS.

Quantity surveyors use BCIS data to give early cost advice, to budget and benchmark projects and to prepare life cycle cost plans. Contractors use BCIS comprehensive resource price databases for day to day tendering activities, and even Insurers use BCIS rebuilding cost data to quote more accurate and competitive premiums for buildings insurance. All BCIS titles are available through CostOS.

The data can be delivered in various classifications including the industry standard ‘Standard Methods Of Measurement’

The reputation of the BCIS independent cost information is unrivalled.

RSMeans Cost Database

REEDS is a highly respected Cost Database organization for the Construction Industry. The CostOS – Means Version, delivers the various RSMeans Databases including:

Heavy Civils, Mechanical, Electrical, Facility Installations, Green Building Technologies, Residential (US, Canada), Remodelling & Renovation (US, Canada), Interior (US, Canada), Lite Commercial (US, Canada).

The database is provided both in metric and imperial units and follows the CSI Masterformat coding. It is provided as relational database, so all the crews, productivities and resources are available to the user.