ProjecTools is web-based project management software tailored specifically for project-intensive organizations in the Oil and Gas industry. ProjecTools provides comprehensive project management software which integrates all project stakeholders and information into a single system to manage Oil & Gas and Capital Construction Projects.


documents image  a. DocumentsProjecTools Documents is the core of project and data management, including revision control, communication management and reporting with industry-friendly workflows in a single, online system.

cost control image  b. Cost controlProjecTools Cost Control allows project managers to successfully plan and execute complex capital construction projects by managing budgets, mitigating risks and producing concise reports.
procurement image  c. ProcurementProjecTools Procurement integrates stakeholders and information in a centralized, online, multi-currency system to manage bid packages from REQ/RFQ to Purchase Order, and electronically handover to accounting.
Engineering and Commisioning image
d. Engineering and CommissioningProjecTools online Engineering & Commissioning facilitates planning, executing, and tracking engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning activities associated with capital construction projects. 

Advantages of using ProjecTools

  • Tailored to Oil and Gas: ProjecTools is designed for the Oil and Gas industry, with industry friendly workflows and terminology.
  • Secure: World class data centers provide secure computing and role-based permissions keep data in front of the right people.
  • Reporting: In-app task assignment, execution and tracking allow accurate reporting on actual project progress.
  • Licensing flexibility: Pay only for what you need. ProjecTools modules can be deployed individually and scaled to fit any organization
  • System integration: Integrate internal and external business systems providing collaboration between clients, suppliers disciplines, and departments.
  • Accountability: Visibility into milestones, tasks, and completion keep all project stakeholders accountable.
  • Schedule reduction: Systematically enforce workflows relevant to Oil & Gas and EPCI. Streamline workflow and prevent errors and rework.
  • Customer support: Expert Client Services specialists with extensive knowledge of Oil & Gas project management provide exceptional implementation, training and support.
  • Agile implementation: SaaS model allows rapid deployment with minimal IT impact.
  • Standardization: Build on past experience and success with easily defined, replicable processes.
  • Access to information: Global team members have role-based access to project information anytime, anywhere.
  • Centralized project information: No duplicated effort, wasted space or lost information.
  • Communcation: Strengthen collaboration between project groups, cultures and disciplines to capitalize on collective business intelligence.


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ProjecTools Applications:

ProjecTools Documents

Manage project documents and communication while maintaining accountability, revision accuracy, and access anytime, anywhere.

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Engineering & Commissioning

Allows you to track equipment from purchasing through construction with status and inspection reporting.

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Cost Control

Provide more efficient project cost management with real-time tools and detailed reporting. Integrates with purchasing and accounting!

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Produce definable workflows for online bid execution. Ensure on-time and accurate project procurement for your organization.

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