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ProjecTools Cost Control allows project managers to effectively execute and control Oil & Gas and EPCI projects. Regulate cash flows, mitigate risks and present concise reports employing tools that fuse integral information and communication with real-time, world-wide access.

Cost Control Features:

  • Enforceable Budget Controls
  • Definable Work Breakdown Structure
  • Purchasing, Financial and Scheduling Integration
  • ProjecTools OBS (Other Breakdown Structure)
  • SAAS Model
  • Extensive Reporting Tools
  • Performance Measurement
  • Budget Forecasting


Cost Control Benefits:

  • Protects Baseline from Inception Through Closeout
  • Accuracy and Consistency Managing and Reporting on Projects
  • Single Entry Financial and Scheduling Data Prevent Wasted Time and Inaccuracies
  • Provides Mapping From WBS to Multiple Stakeholder Breakdown Structures
  • Provides Secure, International Access to Real-Time Project Control Data and Reports
  • Maintain Financial Visibility and Credibility
  • Accurately Compute Variance and Earned Value


ProjecTools Cost Control Components:

Cost Controller

Determine work breakdown structures (WBS), build a profiled baseline budget, and manage administrative and contractual change orders. Use integrated, web-based tools to manage each WBS with line item precision from man-hours, revenue perspectives, and cost.

Other breakdown structures (OBS) allow organizations to map existing WBS formats for consistent and familiar reporting.

Quickly duplicate project control structures and best practices to swiftly deploy new projects.

Financial Interface

Integrate existing accounting systems with ProjecTools Cost Control and Procurement to produce accurate, financial data and reports in a protected environment eliminating duplicated effort and expensive data entry errors. Financial Interface pushes purchase order and change order data directly and pulls purchasing data, actuals, and commitments directly to and from your organization’s accounting system, avoiding cumbersome spreadsheets.

Scheduling Interface

Integrate existing scheduling systems with ProjecTools for true collaboration and progress reporting.

Home Page

The ProjecTools Home Page enables users to carry-out tasks as well as view, download, mark-up, and submit items as well as define and generate Cost Control Histograms.