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Does your organization struggle with one of the following?

  1. Lack of a standardized, enforceable workflow
  2. Inaccurate and incomplete data
  3. Inability to scale projects
  4. Limited access to information


ProjecTools is a SaaS based, project management system designed specifically for organizations in the Oil and Gas industry. The ProjecTools E kit will give you an overview of ProjecTools and the benefits of a SaaS environment.

The E kit includes:

  • An overview of ProjecTools SaaS software
  • ProjecTools SaaS security and reliability datasheet
  • Hurricane Ike case study
  • Advantages of project management systems in a SaaS environment datasheet


The E kit will help you learn more about benefits of moving to a SaaS based project management environment and how ProjecTools can help you manage projects. Fill out your information to access the E kit!

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