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ProjecTools online Engineering & Commissioning assist in the planning, executing, and tracking of sophisticated engineering, procurement, and construction activities related to Oil & Gas projects. A fully featured Commissioning Management System (CMS) makes instantaneous project progress reporting a reality.

Engineering & Commissioning Features:

  • Engineering Requisitions
  • Definable Tag Formats
  • Customized Workflows
  • ITR Smart Forms
  • Punchlist Register
  • Online Status Reports
  • Bulk Import & Update
  • SAAS Model
  • Global Library


Engineering & Commissioning Benefits:

  • Leverage Technical Expertise b Allowing Engineers to Initiate Requisitions
  • Prevent Errors and Duplication in Tag Numbering
  • Enforce Definable Organizational Rules for Completing ITRs, Certificates, Dossiers, etc.
  • Easily Populate ITR Forms with Equipment Information
  • Easily Create, Search and Update Punchlist Items Online
  • Quickly Assess Procurement and Commissioning Progresss
  • Reduce Data Entry Time and Errors
  • Commissioning Management System (CMS) Available Internationally
  • Standard ITRs and Certificates Reduce Confusion and Promote Information Integrity Across Projects


Engineering & Commissioning Components:

Equipment Manager

Systems Completion

Construction Punchlist

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