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Take advantage of one centralized, web-based, multi-currency system to oversee procurement for Oil & Gas projects. ProjecTools Procurement delivers intuitive tools to manage bid packages from REQ/RFQ to RFP to Purchase Order.

Procurement Features:

  • Standardized Packages
  • Schedule Planning
  • Standard Forms and Documents
  • SAAS Model
  • Routing & Approvals
  • Request Response System
  • Online Bidding
  • Centralized System


Procurement Benefits:

  • Promotes Consistent, Efficient and Time-Saving Procurement Processes
  • Facilitates Timely Service and Equipment Delivery
  • Online Platform Improves Information Integrity, Uniformity, and Efficiency
  • Stakeholders Collaborate on Procurement Packages Online
  • Create, Distribute and Track Procurement Packages for Online Review and Approval
  • Promotes Communication and Problem Solving
  • Simplifies Bidding, Evaluation and the Award Process
  • Allows Visibility into Each Procurement Task


Procurement Components:

Purchasing Setup

Requisition Manager

Purchase Order

Supplier Manager

Material Manager

Quality Surveillance

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